Bellforte Group is the coordinating entity for our individual member subsidiaries.

Our structure has been designed to support and enhance the customers’ lifestyle and profitability with our consistent adherence to agreed ethos and principles.

Our member firms commit themselves to a common set of Bellforte values. Firms have a quality standard process governing how they operate. Our subsidiaries undertake to always act with integrity.

Our Mission

To deliver results that endure with a lasting impact.

Our Vision

To be the leading choice for strategic solutions of international standards.

Bellforte Group is a diversified business solutions enabler that seeks to lead in the critical areas of business and management consulting, asset finance and leasing, agriculture, travels and tours.

Our Obligation to our Clients & Competitors.

  • Our clients must be able to count on BELLFORTE’S
  • We fully honour our commitment to our clients and treat them fairly.
  • Our clients are entitled to expect our services to provide good value.
  • Our Clients should expect any representations that we make to them are honest and can be relied upon.
    • Accordingly, false or misleading advertising, or any representations or other kinds of statements that might create unreasonable expectations are not permissible.
    • Making untruthful or misleading statements about our competitors’ products and services is unacceptable.
  • We are fair competitors. We expect to be familiar with and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that govern our business and maintain ethical business conduct.

Our obligation to our shareholders and the investment community

  • The Fundamental obligation to our stakeholders is to create value through individual effort and teamwork while competing honestly and fairly. We are also obliged to keep our stakeholders and the regulatory bodies informed of our company’s performance, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Our Obligation to our Communities and our society

Bellforte strives to be a good corporate citizen. We believe the company has an obligation to enrich our communities and to responsibly address society’s problems by:

  • Encouraging all stakeholders to take active roles in their communities and by appropriately supporting those educational, cultural, civic and health programs that add value.
  • Ensuring that our activities respect the environment.
  • Complying fully with the spirit, as well as the letter of the laws and regulations that affect our businesses.