Bellforte Consulting

Bellforte Consulting is a strategic consulting firm integrating a full range of business consulting capabilities. Our partners are tested professionals with deep ‘sector-specific’ knowledge and the ability to lead and drive industry agenda. Our partners’ backgrounds and experiences ensure that our consulting services address the specific needs of our clients. We bring sharpness of focus and expertise to bear upon unique and complex problems.

Businesses need access to world-class skills and expertise in developing strategies and building competencies, systems, and structures that require knowledge of the local culture, financial markets, and a familiarity with the international business workplace.

Bellforte Consulting helps companies solve the toughest problems. We also facilitate training programs in various areas to improve your business performance.


Cypress Leasing and Investment Nig Ltd

Cypress Leasing and Investments Nig. Ltd was incorporated in Nov 2013 and fully commenced business operations in 2015. It specializes in Asset Finance, Financial Advisory, Real Estate, and Trading Income. They are a reputable member of The Equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria (ELAN) and managed by a team of seasoned professionals with many years of cognate experience which has made us stand tall in the Nigerian leasing market.
The company is committed to finding the right solutions for each client with the view to partnering and realizing your overall objectives.
The success of Cypress Finance is attributed to the emphasis on customer satisfaction, integrity, empathy, professionalism, and their utmost commitment to excellence.

Montrose Farms and Foods

Montrose Farms is a member of the Bellforte Group established in 2014.

It is a diversified biodynamic farm in Nigeria. Our farm spans many acres of land and rolling hills, open fields, flowing creeks, and streams.

Our work revolves around cultivating relationships: with the earth, our surrounding communities and landscape, and with one another.

The times are calling for a new form of agriculture – Agriculture that requires a radically enlarged context of sound farming principles, new economic forms and parameters, and renewed recognition of the role of agriculture in our culture and society.

Meyerland Travels and Tours Ltd

Meyerland Travels and Tours is a travel management company of skilled professionals and is a leader in business travel management services. They drive savings, efficiency, and safety to businesses and their travelers all around the world.
If you are looking for a tailored travel management solution, delivering customer service excellence, innovative technology, and a demonstrable return on investment, then they are the right people.
For many organizations, managing traveler profile data information is cumbersome and time-consuming, with the travel agent not providing suitable technology to make this a simple process.
Meyerland is all about streamlining the travel process and creating an enjoyable piece of technology that works with you and not against you.

Aspire Credit Solutions

Aspire Credit Solutions Ltd was set up for the purpose of extending credit to members of the public who are bankable, possess stable means of employment and income who would naturally not approach the DMBs because of the lengthy documentation requirements as well as the turnaround time for the disbursements of such loans
These categories of people would bear the extra interest cost instead 
Our business is also tilted towards having a bias for women in the organized private sector with a view to providing short-term loans for the purpose of engendering financial stability and empowerment for them.
Aspire is set up as an income-generating company positioned to return value to shareholders in the best possible manner. Aspire is positioned to be your one-stop shop for urgent cash needs.